Dr. H. Chaturvedi, Director: Birla Institute of Management Technology, Greater Noida:

“There has been a distinct improvement in the level of communication skills of the students. Besides, the Speaking exams helped the students gain confidence in facing their personal interviews at the time of placements. They also appreciated the fact that many companies acknowledged the certifications given by Cambridge English.”


Dr. A C S Arun Kumar, President: Dr. MGR Educational and Research Institute University, Chennai:

“It is really gratifying to note that Cambridge English has been contributing immensely to the promotion of English in India. Its services are really tremendous and commendable. I am sute that your contribution will go a long way in assisting our student community in improving their skills in the language. My personal appreciation and congratulations in its contribution to promoting the English language amongst our students. Based on feedback from students about Cambridge English:

  • For the first time, students understood the difference between formal and informal language both in speaking and writing
  • Slowly the speed rate of their reading improved
  • The examination conducted was professional and serious
  • Many students shed their inhibitions and came on the stage to speak, to arrange meetings and to read more books.”


Dr. E J James, Vice Chancellor: Karunya University:

“Cambridge English has given a clear direction for educational institutions in India with regard to pedagogical and evaluative aspects of all the four language skills. It also created a workplace environment in the BEC classes so as to make the students market-ready. I appreciate the staff at the Cambridge English India office and thank them for their support”


Dr. Vilas M Salokhe, Vice Chancellor: Kaziranga University, Assam:

“Good English Skills + Degree you earn = Good Placement Globally. Cambridge English, through its exams pitched at various levels, caters to the needs of learners from diverse backgrounds and proficiency levels. As each individual can take the exam suitable for him or her, the exams manage to accurately gauge one’s English language skills. This in turn not only helps employers and educational institutions but also motivates individuals to further develop their skills. A gateway to global opportunities, Cambridge English has something for everyone and this is the reason behind Cambridge English’s worldwide popularity.”


Dr. T Rengaraja, Principal: KCG College of Technology, Chennai:

“Every year, 50 percent of our students (around 300 students) take the BEC Vantage exam after 48 hours of training and four mock tests. this preparation helps them improve their English language skills and thus prepares them for placements and ultimately the workplace. Through BEC training, we help our students to improve their confidence, enable them to learn practical workplace skills, and thus prepare them for the workplace and for life.


Prof. Sangram Mudali, Director: National Institute of Science and Technology, Berhampur:

“By assessing and grading in the global assessment scale, Cambridge English has not only shown where students stand in their language skills but also made them aware of their areas of challenge and provided them a platform to mend and improve. The impact of the Cambridge English exams is tremendous. The confidence students show is remarkable. Cambridge English is the only exam that tests the four skills of the language, hence they learn a lot of skills in the process. The certificate from Cambridge doubles their level of confidence. Moreover, the college has also been one of the most sought after placement destinations for many recruiters.”


Mr. R S Munirathinam, Founder and Chairman: RMD Engineering College, Gummidipoondi:

“Our college is serving the rural community, where the majority of our students have difficulty in communicating in English. With the help of the Business English Certification Programme, we have been able to place 90% of our students in the last three years in reputed MNCs.”


Dr. R Venkatasamy, Principal: Saveetha Engineering College, Chennai:

“The BEC exams introduced in Saveetha Engineering College in 2010 have seen numbers grow in terms of eligible students taking the exams. Placements have witnessed a spurt with rising numbers in top notch companies. The four skills catered to in BEC training has led to a growth in confidence of our students and their ability to communicate with ease in any business scenario. This has also led to an improvement in their personality and psyche. Our students stand out from the crowd and it is thanks to assessments offered by Cambridge.”


Dr. Sr. Jasintha Quadras, Principal: Stella Maris College, Chennai:

“It is yet another reason to elevate the institution to global standards and to rise to the growing demand for standardised education. Procuring a certification of the Cambridge exams has hitherto undoubtedly proved to be a feather in the cap for aspiring goal-oriented students. The certified students have an edge over others, particularly at the time of campus recruitments. Most organisations opt for BEC certified candidates. The components of the Cambridge exams rightly gear the students to perform well at interviews and therefore easy job placements come as value added package of the Cambridge English exams.”


Dr. Ashok Gupta, Vice Chancellor: The IIS University (ICG), Jaipur:

“Cambridge English exams have, over the years, provided our students with the following, in terms of language-competence:

  • A highly developed professional skill set
  • A greater awareness of the business communication lingo
  • An exposure to the global standards of language proficiency.”


Mr. Karumuttu T Kannan, Chairman and Correspondent: Thiagarajar College of Engineering (TCE), Madurai:

“Business English Certification, which is trusted and globally accepted by leading employers, educational institutions and governments worldwide, enables our engineering graduates to succeed in international business and commerce.”


Ms. K Mathuramani, Assistant Professor, Department of English and BEC co-ordinator: Veltech Multi Tech Dr Rangarajan Dr Sakunthala Engineering College, Chennai:

“Our students have now come to know that organisations all around the world recruit job applicants and promote employees who have BEC certificates. We feel great to have Cambridge English with us as we trust Cambridge English because of its standards. Cambridge English certificates are fair and known for their quality. These exams make our students unique among others. Through this, their confidence level has grown along with their prospects.”