6 Cardinal Sins in a Career Change

Author: Arvind Thakore

Making a career change or choice is a most critical decision we all go through in our lives. At this crossroad, we at times get mentors who guide us in our decision making process and at times we relay on out own gut and feedback, we gathered through our references. But most often then not, we end up making some cardinal sins in a Career change that we later land up regretting.

1. Do you have it in you

MS Dhoni – Leadership in the Hour of Crisis

Author:Arvind Thakore

A T20 match has 240 legal deliveries. Bangladesh was in the drivers’ seat for 237 of them in their World Cup T20 match against India. Yet the last three balls resulted in India stealing a one run victory. Bangladesh owned most of the big moments till that point. Murtaza Masharafe’s brilliant marshaling of his bowling and fielding resources, outstanding catches and clever bowling. India could only sputter its way to a total they have never defended in a T20 before.

Virat Kohli and the Art of Winning

Author:Arvind Thakore

I have always believed, winning is not a factor of luck. It is a habit that needs to be cultivated, internalized and acted upon. With the World T20 getting underway, I thought it would be interesting to see how the game’s best players embrace winning and what we can learn from them.